We provide the utmost care for your furry pal when it is needed most.



We provide our services to all of the Denver Metro Area, as well as the Foothills Area. Let us be here for you and your whole family.

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Pick What Feels Right For You

  • Private Cremation

    A Private cremation refers to the process in which your animal is the only pet in the chamber.

    From $150

  • Group Cremation

    Group cremation is a great option if you are not interested in receiving remains back. Your pet w...

    From $85

  • Urn Store

    From $70

Pick What Feels Right For You

$50 - Metal Urn

$50 - Appointments after work hours Monday through Friday

$100 - Cremation Rush

$100 - Appointments weekends and holidays

$100 - Removal from home (NOT AVAILABLE DUE TO COVID)

$100 - Delivery of remains to home (NOT AVAILABLE DUE TO COVID)

$150 - Cremation viewing (NOT AVAILABLE DUE TO COVID)


Cremation process typically takes 1 week


Learn About Our Process

We guide you through the process each step of the way

  • Step 1

    Call our office 303-906-4630 or complete the contact form

  • Step 2

    Due to the Covid-19 regulation we have to ask you to bring your pet to us.

  • Step 3

    We collect all the documents that are needed and get them back to you. We return your loved one’s ashes by hand delivery or you can collect the ashes in person if you prefer to get the ashes back.


Remember Your Pet

From fluffy cats to pug faced pups to slippery snakes - we want to see photos and hear your stories, memories and snaps.

Death ends a life, not a relationship. -Jack Lemmon

Let Us Be By Your Side

Our number one goal here at The Last Paws is to ensure you that your animal is in great hands. We promise you that we will be handling him/her with special care. Let us be the ones to take as much stress off your shoulders as possible during this difficult time.

We are here to support you in the moment when you the most need us

obituaries picture
obituaries picture

We understand that you might have some questions and not sure where to start

We are here for you and will answer any questions that you might have. Just dial our phone number or leave your information so we can reach out to you.


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