Standard Communal Cremation

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We work with individual veterinary surgeries who offer our cremation services to the public, as well as directly with bereaved pet owners.Pet parents are welcome to attend their pet's cremation, in our Memorial Room,  and they will receive the cremains back in their chosen urn.  For those who do not wish to attend, PCS returns the cremains to their veterinary practice for collection.


A small number of pets will be cremated together. As there is no separation of pets in this process you will not receive any cremains back from a communal cremation. All cremains of the communal cremations will first be cremulated. The Last Pawnow inter all communal ashes (except at our Scotland sites due to different rules by SEPA) within PCS gardens to offer a more respectful disposal. For your assurance we are happy to provide a certificate of cremation. Just ask your veterinary practice to request one.


Cat Cremation Services


At The Last Paw we offer two forms of feline cremation. Individual cremation ensures that your cat is cremated singularly within a clean and private chamber. With the individual cremation, you are guaranteed that the ashes you receive, or those placed into our memorial garden, will be only the ashes of your beloved cat.


A communal cremation is the second option available to you. This means that your pet will be cremated with a group of others and the ashes are either stored in a memorial centre or scattered within the grounds of the crematorium or cemetery. Both cremations are carried out with the utmost respect and care, and there is no right or wrong choice.

$50 - Metal Urn

$50 - Appointments after work hours Monday through Friday

$100 - Cremation Rush

$100 - Appointments weekends and holidays

$100 - Removal from home (NOT AVAILABLE DUE TO COVID)

$100 - Delivery of remains to home (NOT AVAILABLE DUE TO COVID)

$150 - Cremation viewing (NOT AVAILABLE DUE TO COVID)

We understand that you might have some questions and not sure where to start

We are here for you and will answer any questions that you might have. Just dial our phone number or leave your information so we can reach out to you.


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